Common tax mistakes that can cost you big

It’s once again time of the year to start with the tax season! It requires a lot of attention and detail to start and run a business. It would be great to have an eye on filing your returns, consider tax consultants in UAE for all the legal requirements. Whether it’s a small enterprise or large organization, tax filing creates headache for entrepreneurs and similar business owners.  Tax accountant and financial advisors reach out to entrepreneurs and resolve their complex tax issues within the given timeframe. If you fail to file tax properly, you have to pay some penalties. So, it’s significant to file taxes with the help of tax planning experts in DubaiBut, the main drawback is business owners just think of taxes only when the deadline arises.  Some of the common tax mistakes that may affect your business,

Failing to pay tax on time

It’s essential to conduct your tax audit in UAE within the given deadline. Business owners are likely to pay penalty if you miss the deadline for paying taxes. Additionally, the authorities are likely to pay a penalty amount until the tax filing is done. For this reason, people pay taxes on time. In case of any serious issues, ask for extension period from the concerned authorities. Pay some tax on the due date, even if you have tax-filing extension. If you feel, you don’t have adequate money, then find some alternative to file taxes!

Failing to report income

Tax accounting keeps track of your income! The owners have to pay taxes for all transactions if you barter for goods and services. Even if you’re using plastic money, you need to have track of your income.

Poor record keeping

Without planning for the tax season, you’re expected to pay a lot of tax! Most of the business owners usually deal with the tax season at the final stage and the entire year goes by. Hence, with the use of proper accounting software, you can maintain proper records. In case of improper records, you may miss out some tax deductions. The errors in bookkeeping may increase your expense and hence it’s vital to keep track of your transactions. Use accounting software to keep track of your receipts, payrolls, and other expenses. 

Choosing the business type

While starting a business, you may end up with a plethora of advice on running a business. We know that every business is not perfect for everyone. For some people, partnership will be a deal, for some others sole proprietorship will be a deal. Irrespective of the business type, get professional support and guidance from tax accountant and financial advisors!

Failing to do tax planning

Most of the people tend to treat their taxes like recordkeeping and they fail to plan taxes within the given deadline. Above all, get expert advice from tax consultants in UAE who can make things easy for you! While filing the taxes within the given time, you can reduce tax liability. While doing tax planning on time, make sure to file tax before due date! Get professional support and guidance from the best tax consultants in UAE and make sure to avoid the above given common tax mistakes. 

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