Easy Way Out to Check the UAE’s Visa Validity and Status by Passport Number

To acquire a visa is a drill and then checking its status is another herculean task. Generally, there would be a rare gentleman who carries a passport along with him all the time. As far as the remembrance of the expiry is concerned, we tend to remember the month and forget the actual date.
The UAE government has a supportive interface that makes it easy for every UAE resident to simply track the status of a Visa application.

Be Prepared with the Following Details:

You will receive a copy of your application form after applying for the visa. You can note the reference number mentioned on the application form before submitting the form. Whether you apply for a residence visa or an e-visa, you will always find the reference number stated on the application form.

When to Check the Status?

It is easy to understand that you can quickly check the status of your visa by noting down the passport number from the copy or an image of it on your phone for an inquiry. Although the acquisition of any such details is only possible once it has been issued to you and not when it is in process.
If you are desirable to acquire a visa according to the official website of the UAE government for any of the following emirates –
Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, or Fujairah then you can check the status of your visa application on Federal Authority’s website for citizenship, identity, port security (The immigration and checkpoints Authority- ICA), and customs by visiting the following website:

What are you Required to Do?

You should note down the process step by step or refer to it when visiting the site.

The system will automatically fetch the status of your visa application and will update you.
Now, if your application is for a Dubai visa or if you have applied via Amer centres in Dubai then there is a slight change in the process and the website that you have to visit will be:

Keep the following details handy in place- The application number, the transaction number, and the payment date as you will be required to fill in these details when you open the link. After clicking on the captcha box, you can click on the search box which will assist you in finding the status of your visa.

The Main Question Remains Unanswered yet and that is How you can Check the Status with the Help of the Passport Number?

If you have the number of your passport on the phone or nearby then you can access the status of your visa by visiting ICA services, online.

But before you begin to search do not forget that this service is only available after the visa is issued to you and not while it is in process. Check the validity and status of your visa in a quick mode.
According to Shafiq Muhammad, Public Relations Officer -The status and validity of the visa can only be checked after the completion of the issuance of it. In the midway of the process, it cannot be checked. On visiting the site two options appear for checking the status that is – ‘e-visa’ or ‘residency’, which implies that it is for a residence visa or visit visa. If you have the entry permit or visit visa issued then you can select the ‘e-visa’ option. If one’s passport is stamped with a visa only then one can check the status of the residence visa as mentioned earlier.

A Quick Guide Through the Steps:

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