How to get a General Maintenance License In Dubai?

How To Obtain a General Maintenance License in Dubai

Buildings come to mind when you think about Dubai and for good cause. The emirate is home to some amazing buildings, including the Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world. All of those buildings, including hotels, office buildings, business parks, and others, have something in common. They are all in need of upkeep. While it might sound glamorous, building upkeep is a significant industry. The facilities management sector in the UAE as a whole was valued at over USD 14 billion last year, and between now and 2030, it is anticipated to rise by 10%. There is a substantial opportunity for business owners who have the motivation and know-how to address this demand, so company formation in Dubai is the best deal for you.


Dubai requires high-end maintenance to preserve the existing structures in addition to its high-end infrastructure and cutting-edge architectural developments. Companies with a current general maintenance License in Dubai offer these services. Having a maintenance license in the UAE is advantageous because maintaining a building or another structure is a necessary task if one wants it to always look its best. As a result, there are numerous opportunities to collaborate with businesses and residences to maintain their infrastructure. Therefore, if you are interested in learning how to get a general maintenance license in Dubai and if you want to get a general maintenance License there, keep reading. A&A Associate can assist you with company formation in Dubai. To learn more, get in touch with us.

What is a General Maintenance License?

A general maintenance License enables you to engage in a variety of tasks. To keep the structures in good shape, you can do general maintenance tasks and make repairs. The professionals in this industry choose new compositions and machinery.


Activities That Can be Carried Out With General Maintenance License 

  • Adaptation and Renovation
  • Repairs and plumbing tasks
  • Maintenance and repair of the AC
  • Paintwork (External paint and Internal Paint)
  • Electrical repairs and work
  • Every form of carpentry work, including partition and gypsum
  • Handyman services
  • Enhancement and maintenance of gardens
  • Decorations made of gypsum in areas like workplaces, stores, and hospitals
  • Flooring and tiling options include carpet, vinyl, wood, altar, and gulper flooring.
  • The wax from wood floors removal and varnishing
  • All types of wallpaper installation
  • Putting up curtain rails
  • Assembling household appliances, portraits and frames on the wall and on places respectively 
  • Installation of lighting systems and fixtures
  • Both the installation of blinds and bathroom fixtures
  • Replacing locks as well as installing new ones
  • Locks, wire and switch replacement, and power wiring
  • Silicone resealing in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Reactive and preventive maintenance

Contact us to know more activities that can add to the list. Also read this blog to know more about the business set up in the UAE.

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What Advantages Do a General Maintenance License Offer?

Getting a general maintenance License in Dubai has several advantages. The overall summary of the same is as follows:

  • Because of the real estate sector expansion, general maintenance is a long-lasting industry
  • Dubai municipality is in charge of organizing and regulating it
  • Highest level of employee protection and labor law
  • Regular business is ensured through large projects and yearly maintenance contracts
  • Low setup costs for businesses
  • Provision for increased labor/employee visa quotas


Cost of Business Set-up 

The price of establishing a maintenance business in Dubai depends on several variables. One must take into account elements such as the company’s size, kind, intended uses, need for any additional permits, location, and more. Giving out a precise number is therefore impossible. A&A Associates may estimate your license’s overall cost for you. Aside from that, we will make sure you do not overpay for any permits. Contact us to get answers to all of your questions directly.


Obtaining a General Maintenance License: The Procedure

Step 1: Choose a Company Name

UAE has implemented strict rules for business naming. Therefore, you must follow it no matter what name you choose. Here are some basic principles:

  • The use of vulgar language is prohibited
  • Do not say anything offensive
  • Do not bring up Allah or any other deities
  • Avoid using acronyms if you want to name it after someone

For a thorough set of guidelines, get in touch with A&A Associates. We will make sure your company name is both legally valid and distinctive. Consequently, registration is now open.

Step 2: Select the Structure and Location of Your Company

Establishing your company’s legal structure is crucial after choosing a name for it. You can choose from any of the legal structures Dubai offers, including a single proprietorship, LLC, limited partnerships, and more. Next, you need to choose where you will base your operations. What location do you want your business to be? You can do this in any free zone or on the mainland business setup in Dubai. Consider your choices before making a decision. Click here to know the benefits of Freezone companies.

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Step 3: Obtain the required authorization from Dubai Municipality

You must obtain the relevant licenses based on the nature of your company activity because Dubai Municipality is the regulating body for all forms of building maintenance/contracting and engineering activities. To serve as the company’s point of contact with the Dubai municipality, you must designate a specialized manager with the necessary qualifications.

Step 4: Apply for a License

Send the required paperwork and certifications to the licensing authorities to get your license. Make sure all the information on your documents is accurate before attaching them to the application. After receiving your license, you might also need to rent or lease premises. You will need to register with the appropriate authorities for this.

Step 5: Obtain Insurance

You must have insurance to prove your responsibility to pay for any loss or damage you might cause to a customer’s property while performing maintenance tasks. To ensure that the clients will be compensated for the repairs, states mandate liability insurance. A&A Associate can provide you with information on the minimum amount of insurance you need to acquire as well as a directory of insurance companies in your area that sells policies.

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You can get help from A&A Associate to get your general maintenance License in Dubai and to know more about business strategy and planning services in Dubai. Your paperwork will be handled by us, and we will make sure it is formatted correctly. Additionally, we will help you get any additional permits you need while making sure you do not overspend on your license. Simply get in touch with us, and the rest will be handled by us. For any information you require, call us at +971564086728 or send an email to [email protected]. We provide everything from auditing and accounting services to business establishments in Dubai. To find out more, go to our website.

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