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Cost of accounting services in the UAE

No matter the line of business you have, keeping the accounts in order is a mandatory requirement. UAE being the top-most destination for business setup, deciding on the accounting services is a significant task. Since the introduction of VAT and tax policies, small and medium business enterprises are realizing the need for accounting services and the cost of accounting services in UAE. 

There are several positive sides in hiring an accounting team. While choosing the best accounting services in Dubai, it can be appealing and cost-effective. If you’re planning to hire professional accounting services in Dubai, then have a clear estimate of the cost involved in this scenario. Before investing in any particular service, entrepreneurs should think of the cost involved. 

Cost of accounting services in the UAE

What are the factors influencing the cost of accounting services in UAE?

Hiring an accounting service provider in UAE may cost you some 60,000 AED per year. Before investing, there are numerous factors to be considered upon which the cost is dependent. The rate of choosing an accounting company in Dubai may somewhat vary on the basis of these factors, 

Size of your business entity

Understand the size of your business and complexity of its operations. This surely affects the accounting rate from professional accounting services in Dubai. The rate quoted to an entrepreneur with basic transactions will differ from the amount quoted to an internationally operating business. 

As per the size and structure of an organization, several transactions take place. This requires more time and skill to analyze the record and summarize them. Also, companies which operate at a bigger scale need more reports and statistical data from the accounting company they hire. In such case, the cost involved will be higher. 

Hired accounting company in Dubai

The amount payable depends on the company you hire. The accounting companies that operate on a large scale will charge much higher according to the work allocated. On the other hand, accounting company operating on a small scale will charge you less for similar services. 

The cost of outsourcing accounting and financial task may vary from company to company. Choose accounting firms that offer attractive quotations and finalize one accounting service provider in UAE by comparing few accounting companies. Find the possible services at a lower cost. 

Type of services

According to the type of services, the cost may differ. The companies can fully or partially outsource the accounting tasks. In certain cases, if you opt for internal auditing, financial statement preparation and analyzing services, then the quote you receive might be lower since you’re asking for limited services. On the other hand, if you want the accounting firm to handle bookkeeping, legal formalities, auditing, and everything related to accounting, expect a higher quote. 

Turnover and transactions

If transactions and turnover is high, then accounting charges are obviously high. The VAT and other tax imposed depend on the scale of operation, overall turnover, and number of transaction. This factor also determines the cost of accounting services in Dubai. Greater transaction leads to greater costs. 

Outsourcing or hiring full-time employees

Entrepreneurs may consider hiring a full-time bookkeeper or accountant, but while considering the context of business and expense involved, hiring an accounting company in Dubai will be beneficial. The decision is completely personal but, outsourcing will cost you less in long run. Outsourcing will save your initial in-house training, salary expenses and other facilities provided to full-time employees. 

Dubai accounting services offered,

To support your business in this modern era, we have a bunch of accounting services, 
  • Online or cloud based accounting
  • Onsite accounting
  • Accounting system setup and training
  • Receivables and payables management
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Internal or External audit support
  • Management reporting
  • Sales audit
  • VAT compliance and VAT filing
  • Virtual CFO services

Why do you need accounting services in UAE?

Accounting services are essential for maintaining a proper track record of transactions, and to avoid confusion, entrepreneurs should consider one of the professional accounting services in Dubai. 

The need for company accounting services, 
  • To keep up the business structure
  • Complete financial analysis
  • Track expenses
  • Tax services
  • Decide on the accounting software
Small business accounting services include, 
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Reduce your workload
  • Manage your growth sustainability
  • Get valuable business advice
  • Stay ahead of trends
  • Improve cost-efficiency
  • Process payroll
  • Measure business performance

How to get affordable accounting services in the UAE?

A & A associates emerge as one of the affordable accounting service provider in UAE.  The main objective of any business is to maximize business profit with a limited investment. 

We take up this challenge and provide a proper accounting system at affordable price. With a detailed research, we have reduced the cost of accounting by providing attractive packages. We have carefully researched and developed affordable packages that include accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, tax services and lot more. 

We implement the latest technologies and stay ahead of your competitors. 

Benefits of choosing our accounting services – A & A associates

Accounting is a cumbersome task, but we make it easy. Expect quality service and boost the potential success of your company,

  • Accounting packages according to your business requirements
  • Specialized in all areas of business
  • Several awards and recognitions
  • Highest level of service
  • Comfortable with clients
  • Complete audit support
  • Access to expert knowledge
  • Flexible to work on your requirements. 

Why should you hire the best accounting services in Dubai?

Whatever may be the cost considerations, it’s significant to hire one of the best accounting companies in Dubai. Many business owners wonder if the accounting firm will actually be worth it. Yes, it’s worth hiring an accounting firm and there are many benefits of choosing their accounting services. Outsourcing is a cost-effective approach and obviously, they assure professional handling in your accounts. The company can rely on their financial strategies, valuable suggestions, and relevant reports. 

If suppose, you have a sudden boom in your business, then don’t spend your quality time on hiring a bunch of employees, instead decide an accounting firm and the group of professionals will immediately meet your requirements. It’s a great option to save time overlooking the finance department. 

A & A associate provides one of the best accounting services in Dubai with expert professionals in a cost-effective approach.