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Our team of experts bring their vast experience to the table, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for excellence.

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Ahmed Abdualla Ali Mohamed Alamiri

Ahmed Abdualla Ali Mohamed Alamiri

Chairman & Partner


Ahmed Abdualla Ali Mohamed Alamiri

Well-qualified and energetic Chairman & partner of A&A Associate, Ahmed Abdualla Ali Mohamed Alamiri simply manages our team and business setup solutions centered on honesty, trust, and transparency. He is an efficient chairman with extremely good knowledge on chairing and overcome the constructive level of challenges. He focus on the right level of engagement and create wonders in any competitive environment. With a clear sense of strategic view, he ensures a top-level leadership.

He examines the public image of organization and creates plans to improve the organization in every way. He oversees the ethical business practices and adheres to the organization goals. He promotes highest standards of integrity and probity, our chairman plays a distinctive role in complementing each other to ensure the balance of power and authority.

Promoting effective client relationships, he creates a constructive work environment!

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