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External and Internal Audit

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External audit

External audit is a detailed and independent examination of your accounts. This auditing aims at zero error within the financials of your company. At A & A associates, we have a team of qualified auditors in Dubai who conduct audit services in Dubai at regular intervals of time and enhance your accuracy as well as transparency. External audit varies according to the standards and regulations. Since, UAE is a well-developed business hub, external audit is essential to stay out from unnecessary fines.

What are the benefits of external audit?

External and Internal Audit

Why choose A & A associates?

We have a squad of well-qualified and certified external and top internal auditors in Dubai with proficient knowledge in external auditing services. We ensure consistent and unflustered solutions that support in the advancement of your company. Our legitimate conclusions keep your business in a better position in the competitive market.

Internal audit

Internal audit ensure proper management and organizational controls in a business or organization. It’s an effective option to deal with business processes and functional aspects of a company.

At A & A associates, our internal audit process brings in a systematic and disciplined approach towards the efficiency of risk management, governance process, compliance with regulations and other applicable laws.

What is the purpose of internal audit in your company?

External and Internal Audit

What are the benefits of internal audit in UAE?

Why choose A & A associates?

Internal auditors play a significant role in the continued existence of your company. A& A associate is a reputed organization with leading auditors in Dubai. We have a wide portfolio of clients over various industries. Our internal auditors support these organizations with better decision making and other related external and internal auditing services in Dubai.

Our team of proficient and experienced auditor can scrutinize important data and make use of this information for future goals and targets. We offer a variety of services and handle any issues pertaining to the audit report of your company.

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