How Can I Get a Mainland License in Dubai

How Can I Get a Mainland License in the UAE?

A business license in Dubai or anywhere else around the globe is a document that helps you to validate your company as a legal organization. The main purpose of a mainland business license is to keep accountability for business activities and to ensure secure proceedings. The company registration procedure has several stages. Here we have curated a guide on How Can I Get a Mainland License in Dubai.


A new mainland business in Dubai can be an exciting prospect. Nevertheless, you have to give equal consideration to DED permits and licenses. 

How Can I Get a Mainland License in Dubai: A Detailed Guide


Starting a business on the mainland involves getting a trade license and taking care of other formalities. You, as an entrepreneur, have to understand the requirements of a business trade license in Dubai and the types of trade licenses available. Choosing the right license for your business is also essential. 


So if you are planning to license and register your company in Dubai, here we have curated a step-by-step guide on how to get a mainland license in Dubai


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License issuance from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai


Step 1: Select a Business Activity


The first step is to decide on a business activity that you would like to conduct in Dubai or any other given Emirates. Try to understand the practicality of the type of business you choose, and make sure you can conduct the preferred business activity in the region. 

Step 2: Find a local UAE partner or sponsor


Finding and choosing a local UAE sponsor is an essential aspect of getting a license in Dubai. This should be done with care because if you end up with the wrong sponsor, it can mess up your business and also create difficulties in regulating your company.


At A&A Associate, we help you find the right local partner. 


Step 3: Select a Legal Structure or Form


Every type of business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE will have a legal form or legal structure. This legal form or legal structure is implied by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. 


The different forms of business structure that you can select are:


  • Civil Company
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Private Limited Company (PLC)
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Public joint stock company (PJSC)
  • Single-family offices
  • Branches or regional headquarters


Step 4: Reserve a Trade Name


Decide a name for your business or company which will become the identity of your business. You must also reserve a trading name in accordance with the set of procedures as per the disclosure of the Department of Economic Department in Dubai. 


After choosing a trade name, you can check if the trade name you have selected is available or not on the website of the Department of Economic Development (DED). 

Step 5: Apply for an Initial Approval


After you receive your initial paperwork, apply for initial approval with the Department of Economic Development. After the initial approval, you can start your business and also simultaneously apply for other certifications as directed by the Department of Economic Development. 


Step 6: Get External Approvals


Some businesses may require external approvals from the Dubai ministries, municipalities, and other judicial bodies. Getting these external approvals is extremely essential for your business. It must be followed by the commercial organization for the company to get licensed. 


Step 7: Acquire Documentation/Paperwork


 The requirements of any supplementary documentation or paperwork vary from company to company. Different types of businesses may require additional paperwork based on where and how they would be setting up their business in Dubai.


Step 8: Rent an office


When you plan on incorporating a new business in Dubai, it is essential and in some cases mandatory to have an office on rent in Dubai. There are affordable options such as a Flexi Desk, but this will not be suitable for every type of business. Some businesses might require more than just desk space. 


Step 9: Get Ejari for the commercial space


Ejari is an Arabic word that translates to “My Rent” in English. It is an initiative sponsored by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). The aim is to regulate the renting and leasing sector in the UAE. Every business setups in Dubai need to showcase its Ejari to the Economic Development Department in order to get the business license. 


Step 10: Make relevant payments


The Department of Economic Development in Dubai and other administrational authorities do charge a fee to license your company in Dubai and the UAE. If you would like to license your company in the most cost-effective manner, contact A&A Associate


Step 11: Get Your business license in Dubai


Get your mainland business license with the help of business setup consultants in Dubai like A&A Associate in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. We can guide you to choose the right company structure and answer any queries that you might have regarding mainland company formation in Dubai. Our experts can help you choose the right local partner and local service agent for you. 


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A&A Associate is a business setup consultant in Dubai with 15 years of experience in company formations. We aim to provide cost-effective and value-added services to meet all your business requirements. For any help regarding mainland business setup in Dubai, contact us for free consultations. 

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