Family Visa Dubai: A complete Guide

Family Visa in Dubai: A Complete Guide

Dubai is one of the best locations for family visas. Additionally, obtaining this form of visa has become simpler since about 2019. The UAE government eliminated the prerequisites for working in particular industries in order to obtain a family visa in Dubai in 2019. So, if you are considering requesting this kind of visa so that you can bring your family to live with you in Dubai, it is doable! And there are several explanations for why Dubai is such a well-liked family vacation spot. First off, the city has a variety of attractions and activities for people of all ages. In Dubai, there is something for everyone to enjoy, from amusement parks to retail centers. Second, the city is a great spot for families with kids because it is home to several foreign schools. Finally, families will find Dubai to be a very safe and friendly city. There are many facilities and services available for families, and the crime rate is relatively low. What are you still holding out for? Let us go over Family Visa Dubai: A Guide. A&A Associates is here to help you every step of the way. Contact us. Read about Green Visa in the UAE  

What Is the Dubai Family Visa?

Residents of Dubai may sponsor members of their immediate family to relocate to the city on a family visa. Included in this are partners, kids, parents, and siblings. A residency visa will be issued to the sponsored family members, enabling them to remain and work in Dubai. The visa is an excellent choice for anybody wishing to move to the country at least temporarily because it is extendable for a further three years. There are several things to keep in mind, though. The partner must be of a different sex than the UAE national or resident. The applicant must also send an application form, a copy of their passport, and a photo in order to apply for the visa. The AED 2000 (about $550) visa fee is subject to change. The holder of the visa may work in Dubai, but they must first receive a work permit from the Ministry of Labor. The visa holder may also pursue education in Dubai. With this visa, you can study without needing a student visa, but you will still need to register with the Ministry of Education. Overall, families can live and work in Dubai with the help of the Dubai family visa. They get the chance to take advantage of everything Dubai has to offer! For more information, visit the official website Read more

UAE Family Visa Requirements & Rules

 So, What qualifications are needed to obtain this kind of Dubai visa? Do you have more questions to ask? contact A&A Associates to know all doubts. The following are the standard requirements for UAE family visas, while they may vary based on your particular situation and the nation you are from:
  • The sponsor must be an Emirati citizen or a local expat
  • A valid UAE residency visa must be held by the sponsor
  • The sponsor’s monthly income must be at least 4,000 AED
  • The sponsor is obligated to give the family members lodging
  • The sponsor must present documentation proving their connection to the family members
Your family members must also be “medically fit” and be free of any convictions. So, What does the term “medically fit” mean? All they want is a doctor’s health certificate that has been issued by the UAE government. They will be asked to submit to some medical exams during that health check, though. This covers blood testing, female pregnancy tests, and assessments of liver health. Additionally, each family member must possess a current passport. Read more

Documents Required for Family Visa in the UAE

To obtain a family visa 3 main documents are a Birth certificate, Marriage certificate & Residential Ejari. Family members must carry original copies of various documents in order to enter the UAE. The Birth & Marriage certificate mandatorily has to be attested by the Home country & UAE Ministry of Foreign affairs. Most of these documents also require certification in your country of origin. But as the majority of these records are certified copies of birth and marriage certificates, they probably already have certification.
  • Properly completed and signed application for a UAE visa
  • Passport-size photos of the candidate taken recently
  • A copy of the resident’s passport and visa for residence in the UAE
  • Marriage license for your spouse that has been attested
  • Birth certificates that have been attested for minors under the age of 21
  • Letter of sponsorship expressing no objections to a fitness certificate
  • Travel itinerary 
When applying for a UAE family visa, the UAE embassy or consulate may also require other documents in addition to those listed above. This is crucial to remember since they have the right to request any further supporting materials need to evaluate your case. Please be aware that this is the reason why we advise working with a reputable company that has experience with this type of visa procedure.

Opening Date for UAE Family Visas

What do we mean by the opening date for UAE family visas? This is the deadline for applying for your family’s visas if you choose to do so. Currently, if you are the resident sponsor, you have 60 days from the time you arrive in the UAE to apply for the dependents’ residency permits. Keep in mind that these 60 days begin when you go from having admission permission to becoming a resident. When the 60-day period has passed, where do you begin this process? At the nearby GDRFA office in Dubai, you can submit an application for a family visa for Dubai.

Family Visa Cost in Dubai

Dubai residents can apply for employee family visas and partner family visas, which have different prices. Each person resident inside the country (UAE) needs to have a budget of AED 4000–AED 5000 for employee visas. Additionally, a person should have a budget of AED 5500–AED 6,000 for an investor family visa if they plan to live inside the nation, including security deposits that are refundable when the visa is canceled. If you intend to relocate to Dubai with your family, you definitely have some questions regarding how much a family visa will cost. The good news is that Dubai’s family visa fees are reasonable, especially when compared to those of other nations in the region. A family of four should budget about AED 5,000 (about $1,360 USD) for their visas as mentioned above. The cost of processing and granting the visas, as well as any related expenses like medical testing or travel insurance, are covered by this price.  Getting a visa inside the country is AED 1176 and outside the country is AED 580. The one-time cost of File opening is AED 280 and medical normal will cost AED 350. The cost of getting an Emirates ID for 2 and 3 years are AED 275 and AED 375 respectively with an additional AED 650 for stamping. For a status change, the cost is AED 676.  The number of family members and length of stay may affect the actual cost. However, the price of a family visa for Dubai is relatively affordable, so you should not let that stop you from applying.  Contact us 

How to Apply for the Family Visa in Dubai: Step-by-Step

After seeing how simple it is to relocate to Dubai with your family, are you now considering doing so? We have got you covered with this detailed instruction manual
  1. The first step is to compile all the necessary paperwork. These consist of your passport, pictures, birth and marriage certificates, photographs, and medical records
  2. When everything is prepared, you must submit an online application. Make sure to include all necessary details and the application cost
  3. You must then set up an interview time at the Dubai Visa Application Center. You will be questioned about your family dynamics and plans for living in Dubai during the interview. At this stage, you might also be asked to provide more papers.
  4. You will be given a visa voucher as soon as your application is accepted. The visa fee must then be paid, and a fingerprinting appointment must be made. Your family visa will be given to you following the taking of your fingerprints.
  5. Kids above 15 years need to appear for medical & emirates id biometrics. Kids above 18 years can avail of only a 1-year visa under family sponsorship.
Why not use a specialized visa agency rather than going through the effort of doing it yourself? We are aware that applying for a visa might be challenging. Although getting a family visa in Dubai is pretty simple, assistance is always welcome. Our company formation experts are available to answer your questions about any business- or residency-related matters. To schedule your free consultation, contact us right away! A&A Associates is available to help you find your new residence.  Corporate services are offered by A&A Associate, which is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hand-selected for their proficiency in Business Consulting, Tax Advisory, Accounting services, Legal services, and Corporate Finance, its team of professionals. It has so far had a great client satisfaction rate and has professionally assisted consumers from 100 different nations. Call us for further information.
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