Benefits of Business & Company Setup in Dubai, UAE
Advantages of business setup in UAE

Advantages of business setup in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates, a dream destination to start your business

The United Arab Emirates comprises seven emirates, namely Abu Dhabi, Dubai,
Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah. UAE is a business
destination with plenty of opportunities for investors. The United Arab Emirates is
one of the wealthiest countries in the world, popular for its loyalty to foreign
investors. Its worldwide reputation and open policy of conducting international
business attract the attention of foreign businessmen. Being the second-largest
economy in the ME and 30th in the world, UAE promises plenty of opportunities for
a business to grow tall.

UAE a country for Indian Business Community

The India-UAE bilateral trade relationship is for centuries always remains stable and
very strong. The investment of the Indian community in the United Arab Emirates
exceeds 85 billion dollars. With over 3.3 million Indians comprising the largest ex-pat
community in UAE makes around 30% of the total population of the UAE. Around
1068 flights operate directly between UAE and India. WIPRO, HCL, TATA, Reliance,
Nagarjuna Construction, SOBHA, Danube, L&T, Dodsal, Indian Oil Corporation, SBI,
Bank of Baroda, Union Bank, PNB, and HDFC are among the top Indian companies
running their operations well in UAE. UAE culture is very receptive to Indian culture,
and you will find thousands of Indian restaurants across the UAE where you can
enjoy Indian delicacies. You will find more than 130 Indian CBSE, ICSE, and Kerala
Board curricula schools in UAE.

The advantages for the Indian of opening an office in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is India\’s largest trading partner. It offers a friendly
business environment and an easy way to start a business in UAE. UAE is one of the
dream destinations for many to start and grow their businesses for years now. Most
of the start-ups and investors find UAE as the most favorable and stable eco-political
environment to run their businesses. The right system in place for foreign investors, relaxed emigration policies, and
excellent infrastructure make UAE the best place to start your business.

  • Plenty of Choices to Choose a Right Jurisdiction for Your Business- There are more than 45 free zones, and several mainland options exist in the UAE around the seven emirates which gives multiple options for a start-up company to choose the right place for them to start their business. All seven emirates are well connected and proximity to airports are close by.
  • Strategical location and proximity to the world market- UAE on the world\’s business map is strategically located between Europe and Asia. It has become a gateway to the world\’s fastest-growing countries. One-third of the world population is located within four hours flight time from UAE and twothird is living within eight hours flight time from UAE. It makes UAE companies get well connected with the world business community at ease.
  • Business Friendly Company Set Up Process- The process of setting up a business is easy and friendly. Most of the Freezones offer flexibility in setting up the license herein UAE and Indians can apply for their license even from their home country. You can simply get your license in one day in some of the free zones. UAE government supports Indian to set up their business with ease and to sustain well in the growing economy.
  • Complete Foreign Ownership- UAE free zones offer 100% ownership of companies. Recent amendment in UAE law for doing business in the mainland has also introduced many activities with 100% foreign ownership to build the confidence of Indian and foreign businessmen to start their business in UAE.
  • Complete Foreign Ownership- UAE free zones offer 100% ownership of companies. Recent amendment in UAE law for doing business in the mainland has also introduced many activities with 100% foreign ownership to build the confidence of Indian and foreign businessmen to start their business in UAE.
  • Zero Percent Corporate Income Tax- Freezones in UAE has their own rules and regulations and most of them offer tax holidays or tax exemption for business to set up. In the UAE companies are not required to file tax returns, irrespective of where the business is registered. Though, you might need to pay 5% of VAT depending on the business jurisdiction.
  • Repatriation of Fund to Your Country- There are no capital repatriation restrictions in UAE. You can transfer your money to India without any hassle and this gives you the flexibility of fund movement for your business needs as per your requirements.
  • Availability of A Wide Range of Human Capital- An educated multiple set of manpower is readily available in the United Arab Emirates from across the globe. You have options to choose from all levels of manpower from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • Travel Time Between India and UAE- Setting up offices in UAE for some is like living in India and starting their business in another Indian city. UAE is just three hours flight from many Indian states and people can fly two ways on the same day from UAE. It gives a sense of closeness to the family, and you don’t feel far away from your home country being here in UAE.
  • The Culture and Lifestyle in UAE- UAE offers a beautiful combination of Islamic and Western lifestyles. The United Arab Emirates is a prime example in a world where expatriates outnumber locals. People of over 200 nationalities live in the UAE with a free way to live and practice their religious faith. UAE respects all religions equally and makes a place to live together happily. The UAE is known for its vibrant and unique culture in the world and is ranked as one of the best countries to live in.
  • Digital and Paperless Working Environment- Most of the UAE’s government follow the digital way of providing services and making very little use of paper for routine tasks. Penetration of high-speed internet and smartphone is over 95% which makes UAE a world-class country to live and work in a high-tech paperless environment. Businesses can work seamlessly in the high-tech professional environment.

If your plan is ready to start a company in UAE, A&A Associate can assist you in
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your new business here in the UAE to explore the possibilities in the world market.

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