How to Start a Healthcare Business in Dubai

How to Setup and Start a Healthcare Business in Dubai?

The healthcare sector is booming everywhere in the world. Modern healthcare has expanded to include a variety of areas, including wellness and looking and feeling good in addition to traditional medical treatments. According to projections, the UAE’s healthcare industry would surpass $536.5 million by 2025, growing at a rate of 25 percent CAGR. The virtual visit market, which is predicted to reach $280.7 Mn by 2025 and have a CAGR of at least 30.7%, would be the fastest expanding subsegment of the healthcare industry. Due to the lack of access to care, the increasing provider use of telemedicine increased consumer and patient demand, and improved quality of treatment, there is numerous potential for market growth. You can find out everything you need to know about how to start a health care business in Dubai on this blog by A&A Associates, and you can get in touch with us to start the process.

Both the public and private healthcare systems in Dubai offer first-rate care. Many business owners believe that establishing a company in Dubai healthcare makes perfect sense given the availability of specialist Freezones and advanced infrastructural amenities. The chance for a healthcare business establishment in Dubai appears to be at your door. To learn more, get in touch with us.

Why Should You Start a Health Care Business in Dubai?

  • The decision to open a clinic in Dubai has several advantages. Dubai offers a tax-free environment, a prime location, and ease of business setup in addition to its business-friendly atmosphere. Additionally, it offers you countless chances and encourages giving back to society. Starting a healthcare firm in Dubai has several advantages, including:

    • It permits full foreign ownership of your business
    • You are not required to pay any company or income taxes
    • Both products and services are exempt from customs taxes
    • The city has a huge selection of custom real estate options
    • The location provides chances to collaborate with people who are employed in the same industry

    To set up a health care business in the UAE you just need an expert consultancy like A&A Associates. Contact us and learn more.

Types of Health Care Set-up in Dubai

The medical facilities in the UAE are well-known. Because of the country’s cutting-edge medical and healthcare technologies, patients come to Dubai from all over the world to receive various treatments. It is one of the most promising industries in the nation for investment in this business. Dubai, the country’s capital, brags about providing top-notch medical treatment through both the private and governmental healthcare systems. This prompts many foreign investors to ponder how to start a healthcare business in Dubai. Here is a list of potential healthcare fields you might invest in if you want to launch a business in the sector in Dubai:

  • Ambulatory Centres

These are frequently called outpatient clinics. You can receive services from this kind of medical facility center without having to spend the night at the hospital or clinic. Consider minor surgery, the treatment of wounds, physical therapy, etc.

  • Healthcare Investment Management

Another idea is to establish a healthcare investment management company in Dubai. Healthcare organizations, including hospitals and clinics, can manage their financial resources and investments.

  • Professional Development Training

A qualified workforce is essential to ensuring the caliber of services offered by hospitals, clinics, or any other medical facility. Starting a business to offer brief courses in human resource training, social and behavioral training, professional development training, clinical skill development, etc. is something you might want to think about.

  • Higher Education Providers

The global education market is booming right now, and there are countless opportunities when it comes to education for the healthcare or medical industries. In Dubai, you can establish a junior medical college, a business that offers technical healthcare education, or a medical university.

  • Medical Publishing

Both students and healthcare professionals are the target market for this industry. Medical journals, clinical research papers, databases, internet content, and medical books are just a few of the many formats that make up the medical publishing sector.

  • Non-Profit Healthcare Organization

To aid individuals in need around the nation or those who are underprivileged, you might also consider setting up a non-profit organization in Dubai.

  • Private Clinics and Hospitals

Patients frequently prefer private clinics and hospitals because they receive high-quality care and individualized attention. Given that Dubai’s residents have high standards for everything, including lifestyle, education, and healthcare facilities, this type of healthcare business established in Dubai will be quite successful. For the same, you will need the necessary authorizations, licenses, and private clinic permits in Dubai.

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  • Healthcare Consultancy

The medical and healthcare industries are developing and expanding quickly every day. Because of the intense competition, healthcare consulting is necessary. These medical facility providers can stay on top of things with the assistance of knowledgeable consultants in your organization.

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Steps to Start a Health Care Business in Dubai

If you want to open a hospital or clinic in Dubai, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Select the type of business or legal entity. It could either be a Limited Liability Company or a branch
  2. Decide on a name for your hospital and legally register it
  3. Submit your business plan and the necessary paperwork
  4. Present the shareholder resolution to the board
  5. Submit the articles of association and the memorandum, both officially signed by each shareholder
  6. Have a contract signed in the HDCC office
  7. Obtain a license for a private clinic in Dubai
  8. Pay the required fee after your application and business plan have been approved

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Cost of Opening a Health Care Business

The cost will vary depending on the location and the necessary facilities, but the following fees will still apply for registration and legal services:

Approvals and License Registration charge Approximation of AED 12,500.00, DHA approval fees is AED 10,000. MOHRE and immigration registration are AED 1,750.00 and fees for UAE national agents are AED 15,000.00.

In a nutshell for paperwork, it typically costs between 45,000 AED and 50,000 AED to launch a healthcare firm in Dubai.

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Documents to be produced

The following documents are required to launch your healthcare business in mainland Dubai:

  1. Proof of trade name reservation or a business’s trade certificate
  2. Initial DHA and DED approval certificate for the activity
  3. Copies of each partner and shareholder’s passports
  4. All shareholders have signed the Memorandum of Association
  5. Copy of the manager’s resume
  6. Each shareholder’s and the manager’s information documents
  7. Lease and rental agreements of any kind
  8. Proof of financials and account balances of the owners
  9. Notarized Memorandum of Association
  10. An authorization to appoint the business advisor
  11. Articles of Association from the current UAE Embassy
  12. Businesses address information
Once you have your business plan ready in your possession, you can always get assistance from professional business setup experts who will guide you through the process of obtaining a license for your healthcare business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A&A Associates specializes in providing prompt, dependable, hassle-free, and competent support to assist you in launching a business in the manner that most closely matches your requirements. Just getting your firm started in Dubai is part of our assistance. We also provide a wide range of services, including everything from legal advice to tax preparation. As soon as you become a client, you gain access to our community. Take advantage of our consultations right away to get help starting a business, contact us here at [email protected]

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