Dubai events calendar 2024

Dubai Events Calendar 2024: A Year Packed with Business, Sports, Culture and Entertainment

Dubai, often referred to as the city of dreams, is gearing up to surpass expectations with a spectacular lineup of events in 2024. As we anticipate a year filled with sports extravaganzas, cultural festivities, and world-class entertainment, we’ve crafted a comprehensive guide to assist you in planning your visit to this vibrant city.

Dubai Events January 2024: A Festive Prelude

1.Dubai Shopping Festival featuring the enchanting DSF Drone Light Show until late January.

The Dubai Shopping Festival takes center stage until late January, featuring the enchanting DSF Drone Light Show.

Dubai shopping festival 2024

2.Quoz Arts Festival at Alserkal Avenue with live music, art exhibitions, and dance shows.

Meanwhile, the Quoz Arts Festival promises a fusion of live music, art exhibitions, and dance shows at Alserkal Avenue.

Quoz Arts Festival

3.Ed Sheeran's + − = ÷ x Tour at Sevens Stadium

Musical virtuoso Ed Sheeran’s + − = ÷ x Tour graces the Sevens Stadium on 19 and 20 January. 

4.Dubai Desert Classic returns to Emirates Golf Club.

Golf enthusiasts have something to rejoice about as the Dubai Desert Classic returns to Emirates Golf Club.

Dubai Events February 2024: A Symphony of Sports and Romance

1.Dubai DutyFree Tennis Championship at Dubai DutyFree Stadium

February brings a blend of sports and romance to Dubai. The Dubai DutyFree Tennis Championship, held from late February to early March at Dubai DutyFree Stadium, showcases top tennis talents.

2.Dubai Polo Gold Cup at Al Habtoor Polo

The elegant Dubai Polo Gold Cup unfolds at Al Habtoor Polo throughout February and March, offering a sophisticated experience.

3.Valentine’s Day transforms rooftop bars and restaurants into romantic havens.

Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day, transforming rooftop bars and restaurants into romantic havens.

Valentine’s Day transforms rooftop bars and restaurants into romantic havens.

Dubai Events March 2024: A Culinary and Comedy Extravaganza

1.Taste of Dubai at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre from 1-3 March.

March in Dubai unfolds as a kaleidoscope of cultural and entertainment experiences. The culinary extravaganza, Taste of Dubai, captivates palates at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre from 1-3 March, offering a delightful exploration of diverse cuisines. 

Taste of dubai

2.Art Dubai at Madinat Jumeirah from March 1 to 3.

Art Dubai transforms Madinat Jumeirah into an artistic haven from March 1 to 3, blending educational workshops with mesmerizing installations.

1.Holi festivities around 25 March.

while Holi festivities embrace diversity in the week surrounding 25 March. 

Holi festivities

2.Holy Month of Ramadan commences around 11 March.

Amidst the festivities, the Holy Month of Ramadan commences around 11 March, ushering in spiritual reflections and community bonding, with Easter celebrations and a Spring term break contributing to the city’s dynamic spirit.

Holy Month of Ramadan

Dubai Events April 2024:

1.Joyous Eid-al Fitr celebrations across Dubai from 11-13 April 2024.

The culmination of Ramadan brings forth joyous Eid-al Fitr celebrations across Dubai, scheduled for 11-13 April 2024. The city illuminates with special deals, creating an atmosphere of festivity that culminates in spectacular fireworks, uniting residents and visitors in the spirit of celebration.

eid al fitr dubai

Dubai Events May 2024:

1.Dubai Comedy Fest in mid-May across various venues.

Prepare for laughter and gastronomic delights in mid-May as Dubai hosts the annual Dubai Comedy Fest across several venues, spanning around 10 days. Comedy enthusiasts can anticipate a diverse range of comedic acts showcased at various locations across the city, promising a lively atmosphere and a memorable entertainment experience.


Simultaneously, the Dubai Food Festival 2024, with dates yet to be confirmed, is poised to elevate culinary experiences. The festival, encompassing Dubai Restaurant Week, Foodie Experiences, and Uncover a Hidden Gem, promises a feast for the senses. Food aficionados can anticipate indulging in delectable dishes, uncovering hidden culinary gems, and participating in unique foodie experiences, adding a flavorful touch to the city’s cultural calendar. Stay tuned for these exciting events that underscore Dubai’s commitment to providing diverse and immersive entertainment options for residents and visitors alike.

Dubai Events June 2024:

1.Eid Al Adha celebrations and public holidays from 16th to 19th June.

In the radiant embrace of June, Dubai welcomes Eid Al Adha celebrations and public holidays from the 16th to the 19th, enveloping the city in joyous festivities. Beyond the traditional celebrations, anticipation fills the air for additional concerts and event announcements, extending the jubilation. As the city gears up for a spectacular showcase, residents and visitors are encouraged to stay tuned, promising an extended and vibrant celebration during this auspicious time. Dubai, once again, invites everyone to partake in the spirit of unity and cultural richness during Eid Al Adha.

Eid Al Adha celebrations

Dubai Events July 2024:

1.Anticipation of the Hijri New Year on 7 July.

In July, as schools take a break, Dubai embraces summer vibes, becoming a magnet for tourists seeking a unique experience. The anticipation of the Hijri New Year on 7 July adds an extra layer of cultural significance, likely marked with a public holiday.

2.Ongoing cultural celebrations and events during the school break.

Despite the school hiatus, the city remains vibrant with ongoing cultural celebrations and events, ensuring that Dubai’s allure extends beyond its iconic skyline, welcoming visitors to revel in the perfect blend of summer ambiance and cultural richness.

Dubai Events September 2024:

1.Cultural observances, potentially marked by a public holiday on Prophet Mohammed's birthday around 17th September.

In September, Dubai anticipates cultural observances and unique experiences, potentially marked by a public holiday on Prophet Mohammed’s birthday around 17th September. As the city embraces its rich heritage, residents and visitors are encouraged to stay tuned for the confirmation of September events, promising a tapestry of cultural celebrations that reflect the essence and diversity of Dubai’s dynamic spirit.

Dubai Events October 2024:

1.Dubai Fitness Challenge from late October through November.

In October 2024, Dubai transformed into a hub of activity with the Dubai Fitness Challenge, spanning from late October through November. This city-wide initiative encourages fitness and well-being through a diverse array of events. From engaging workouts to community activities, residents and visitors are invited to embrace a healthier lifestyle. 

Dubai Fitness Challenge from late October through November.

2.Gitex Global - 2024 - bigger, better, bolder

Get ready for the pinnacle of technological innovation at Gitex Global, returning to Dubai from October 14 to 18, 2024. This year promises to be bigger, better, and bolder than ever, featuring a dynamic showcase of cutting-edge products, groundbreaking solutions, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Explore the forefront of the digital frontier as industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries converge to shape the future. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this transformative experience, where the global tech community unites to redefine possibilities.

Gitex Global - 2024 - bigger, better, bolder

Dubai Events November 2024:

1.Diwali festivities in late October and early November.

In November 2024, Dubai transformed into a melting pot of diverse celebrations. Late October and early November witness vibrant Diwali festivities, painting the city with the colors of tradition and joy. 


2.Thanksgiving on 28th November.

Later in the month, on the 28th of November, Thanksgiving transcends borders, bringing international festivities to Dubai. This celebration not only marks a time for gratitude but also fosters a sense of togetherness, bridging cultural gaps in this cosmopolitan hub. Dubai, in November, becomes a canvas where diverse traditions intertwine, creating a tapestry of unity and shared joy.

Dubai Events December 2024:

1.Year-End Extravaganza from 1 to 3 December with Commemoration Day and National Day.

In December 2024, Dubai concludes the year with a triumphant Year-End Extravaganza. Commemoration Day and National Day from 1 to 3 December mark fixed public holidays, symbolizing unity and patriotism.

2.Dubai Rugby 7s.

 The Dubai Rugby 7s unfolds, captivating with international sporting talent, offering a thrilling experience for sports enthusiasts.

3.Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations.

Remarkably, despite being a Muslim country, the city dazzles with Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, beautifully showcasing its multicultural spirit and the harmonious coexistence of various cultures and traditions. Dubai’s December festivities promise a grand finale, blending tradition, sport, and global celebrations in the cosmopolitan oasis of the Middle East.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Ongoing Events Throughout The Year in Dubai:

Regular events like the best Sunday brunches continue, with occasional breaks during the hottest summer months. Dubai’s commitment to providing a diverse array of entertainment remains unwavering, ensuring residents and visitors have something to look forward to year-round.


In conclusion, as we glance at the Dubai Events Calendar for 2024, it’s evident that the city is set to offer a dynamic and enriching experience for everyone. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a culture connoisseur, or a foodie, Dubai has something special in store for you throughout the year. Plan your visit wisely and immerse yourself in the vibrant events that make Dubai truly exceptional.


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