Cost of Trade license in Dubai

What is The Cost of a Trade License in Dubai, UAE

One of the first steps for every entrepreneur who desires to establish a firm in the world’s most recognized economic city, Dubai, is to secure a trade license. To establish a company in Dubai, you must go through the complete registration procedure. You must also pay the Dubai trade license fee to finish the process and establish your new company.


This article will provide you with all of the relevant information regarding the Dubai trade license. The procedure for acquiring this document will vary according to your company activity and selected business structure. We shall, however, begin by defining trade licenses and their many forms. As a result, you may make a decision based on your sort of company.


  1. Do you understand what a trade license is?


A trade license is a document that defines a company’s allowed commercial operations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This license, issued by Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED), covers a broad range of activities, including import-export transactions and numerous commercial ventures. A trade license is your key to navigating Dubai’s dynamic business scene, whether you’re opening a store in a free zone or providing certain professional services.



  1. What sorts of business licenses are available in Dubai?


Dubai has four primary categories of business licenses, each of which caters to a unique business activity:


  • The Commercial License


The business license is designed for purchasing and selling items, allowing organizations to participate in a variety of commercial operations. However, it restricts enterprises to the activities specifically listed in the license.


  • Industrial Licensing


This license allows businesses to engage in manufacturing operations, including the import of raw materials and subsequent export of completed goods. It should be noted that having a physical office in Dubai is required when applying for this license.


  • Professional Certification


The professional license, which is required for service providers and professionals, has a distinct benefit in that no local sponsor is required. This helps entrepreneurs to keep complete control of their firms.


  • The Tourist Permit


This license is designed specifically for tourist firms and includes specific laws, compliance requirements, and tax concerns. This license caters exclusively to enterprises engaged in the tourist sector, reflecting Dubai’s concentration on this area.


  1. How much does a Dubai trade license cost?


Understanding the costs of acquiring a commercial license in Dubai is critical. The Dubai General Business License Fee is AED 12,000, with extra fees ranging from AED 150 to 500 for particular operations. Other costs, such as activity class guide fees, license translation, and replacements, must be considered. These expenses, which cover the purchase of your business license, are separate from the total cost of establishing your company in Dubai.


  1. Step-by-step instructions for obtaining a company license in Dubai


Starting the process of obtaining a Dubai trade license entails many critical steps:


  • Obtaining Initial Approvals and Registering Trade Names


Begin by reserving the name of your firm with the DED. Concurrently, get an initial permission for your business activity, with the fee rolled into the entire trade license cost in dubai.


  • Obtaining the Notarial Act of the Incorporation Deed


Get the DED to notarize your company’s Memorandum of Association (MOA). This document, which must be received quickly, is required for applying for a business license.


  • Document Distribution


Submit the original, legally legalized papers to the DED’s business register. Submit all papers, including the MOA and business license application form, to the Federal Ministry of Economy once your company’s name has been entered into the Mercantile Registry.


  1. How can I get a trade license quickly?


Obtaining a trade license instantaneously is a realistic alternative for individuals looking for a quick approach. Applying for a commercial trade license or a professional business license at the DED may take as little as 5 minutes. Notably, this option is only accessible for operations that do not need clearance from sources other than the DED.


  1. Discover how to acquire an e-commerce license in the


Entrepreneurs interested in e-commerce can look into the DED’s Electronic Commerce License. This license, known as the E-Trader license, is only available for home-based internet firms. It provides a simplified approach for internet businesses, with fewer paperwork needs and no need for an office lease.


  1. Step-by-step instructions for renewing a company license in Dubai


Understanding the renewal procedure is critical since a trade license is only good for one year. To guarantee a smooth renewal, follow these steps:


  • Leasing Agreement


Make sure you have a current lease that is valid for at least one month after the license expiry date. If required, renew the lease.


  • License Renewal Application


To the DED, submit the BR/1 form, a copy of the expired business license, a copy of the current leasing agreement, and copies of shareholders’ and investors’ passports.


  • Complete the Payment


Following document verification, the DED will provide a payment receipt. Complete the payment for your Dubai trade license renewal.


To summarize, acquiring a trade license in Dubai is a critical first step toward starting a successful company in this vibrant metropolis. Understanding the related fees and following the step-by-step procedure is vital for a seamless company formation and renewal process, whether you choose a regular business license, an industrial license, a professional license, or a tourist


license. Dubai’s dedication to embracing international investment and making company registration easier makes it an appealing location for businesses all over the globe. So, open the doors to riches by confidently handling the Dubai trade licensing procedure.


For enterprises operating in Dubai, getting a trade license is required. Trade licenses are classified into three types: commercial, professional, and industrial. Each category has its own set of requirements and constraints. Businesses must follow a series of processes and receive permissions and NOCs from the appropriate authorities in order to get a trading license. A&A Associate LLC provides a variety of business establishment services to entrepreneurs wishing to establish their company in Dubai, making the process simple and cost-effective.


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