Convert Existing License Without Sponsor

The UAE market is growing, and so is your business setup in Dubai. Mainland license generally requires a sponsor, but you can make the business your own, without a sponsor.

Benefits of Converting Your License Without a Sponsor

Your business, your share, and your profits – all go to you. And we can easily convert your existing mainland license without the need for a sponsor. Know the benefits of such a conversion.

Requirements for Converting Your License Without a Sponsor

To convert your license without a sponsor, you require local market knowledge, which can be brought to your business with the help of business setup consultants in Dubai. With their help, you can easily get the following requirements:

Process for Converting Your License Without a Sponsor

The process for converting your license without a sponsor is as follows:

We help you convert your mainland business license without a sponsor

A&A Associate will help you seamlessly throughout the process and provide you with:

How will we help you?

Convert Existing Mainland License Without Sponsor - AED 3,000

License Issued from DSO - IFZA
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