Negative PCR Test Result Now No Longer Mandatory to Enter Abu Dhabi

As of 19th September 2021, those entering Abu Dhabi from other emirates are no longer required to present a negative PCR test result upon entry. This decision was announced by the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee for the COVID-19 Pandemic following a reduction in the infection rate.
The infection rate has now dipped to 0.2% of total tests done, and the Al Hosn Green Pass system has been activated for entry into public spaces. Security officers at malls, restaurants, public buildings, and venues will now check those seeking entry into these places for the green status on the Al Hosn app installed on their phones.

The requirement of a negative PCR test result to enter the emirate of Abu Dhabi had been in effect since 2020. All categories of travellers, tourists, individuals, families, and office commuters had to present the negative test result at one of the border checkpoints for entering Abu Dhabi. Those looking at company registration in UAE experienced some hurdles on account of the mandatory requirement, but this is no longer the case anymore.

According to a press release, the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee for the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to monitor all events. The Committee further urged everyone, including citizens and residents as well as visitors, to adhere to all precautionary measures in the interests of public health and safety.

Home quarantine without a wristband for international travellers and those in contact with persons who tested positive for the virus has also been approved by the authorities. However, those who have tested positive for the coronavirus must continue to wear a wristband until they become free of COVID-19 infection.

Abu Dhabi ranked first in the world for COVID-19 crisis management

In a global ranking report published recently, Abu Dhabi has been named the safest city in the world as measured according to its response to the COVID-19 crisis. The Deep Knowledge Group, an analytics consortium based out of London, measured performance on 114 parameters.

The Deep Knowledge Group looked at vaccination rates, effectiveness of the quarantine system, government efficiency, and healthcare management, apart from economic resilience. Abu Dhabi secured top spot with its low number of cases and one of the lowest per capita mortality rates worldwide.

Abu Dhabi was followed by Singapore, Seoul, and Tel Aviv. Dubai came in fifth among 50 global cities ranked on the report. Interestingly, the first version of the report, which was published in April, had Abu Dhabi at the top of the list then as well.

Abu Dhabi has responded extremely well to the pandemic, establishing field hospitals and mass testing centres within weeks of the outbreak of the virus. More than 88% of Abu Dhabi’s population has received the COVID-19 vaccine for free. The emirate continues to work to achieve cent per cent inoculation among its population, while also sharing its knowledge with the world for free.

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