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Wills and Succession Planning

Wills and Succession Planning
Few of us want to think too hard about old age and death but planning for the future is extremely important. Majority of the population in the UAE being expatriate and therefore unaware of the laws, planning for your family’s future becomes critical.
Islam is the official religion of the UAE and Islamic Sharia is a principal source of legislation. Therefore, the UAE operates shariah regime for personal and inheritance matters.
Additionally, there are two common law system based regimes in DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) and ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Markets) which run parallel to civil law regime (which is applicable in rest of the UAE) with respect to inheritance matters of non-Muslims.
The Wills and Probate Registry in DIFC provides a simple and efficient mechanism for non-Muslims to pass on their estates according to their wishes. Non-Muslims can now choose the way in which their estates are distributed-which actually reflects the spirit of existing UAE laws of inheritance.
This makes the UAE first jurisdiction in the Middle East where non-Muslims can make a will under international-recognized Common Law principles.

Identifying your situation in light of the current applicable laws and by making proper provision for your family, you can ensure that your loved ones will be secure and taken care of – whatever happens.

A well-structured Will can not only make sure things are clear and organised for those you leave behind, but also avoid surprises and unnecessary challenges to validity or substance.
Preparing a Will is an integral part of any succession plan as it determines how your assets are to be divided in the event of your death.
But there are numerous other factors to be considered as well. I understand the complexities involved in planning for the future. I will assess your personal circumstances and assist you to formulate an appropriate & effective succession plan.
We don’t simply write Wills but are specialists in succession planning. That means we look at the bigger picture. Each Will written is bespoke and often highly detailed.
We guide and help our clients identify the best available options and take care of all these things.

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