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Managing Receivables

Are you owed money by a UAE company?

Unpaid invoices, bad debt, and delinquent account receivables are a part of doing business in the UAE, just like it is in many other parts of the globe. A strong credit policy and collection process may serve your company well, but sometimes, getting paid by an evasive client or customer will prove more difficult than you expect.

In an ideal world, disputes over unpaid debts are settled directly between the parties – amicably and swiftly. When this is not successful, there are the normal methods of recovery: making phone calls, setting up meetings, issuing overdue notices, and sending demand letters. If you are not successful, you risk being left with bad debt on your books, and you may need professional assistance.

Read more about legal assistance and support for your accounts receivables.

Engage a law firm

As a law firm, we have a lot more leverage to collect your debts. Our teams of legal consultants and advocates are well-versed with commercial debt recovery, and the enforcement of creditors’ rights. We analyse every case and decide on the most effective collection procedures, based on the facts, conditions and specific requirements of the case.

We have been providing efficient and reliable services to a wide spectrum of clients, from small entrepreneurs to large multinational corporations. We help these clients with various debt recovery matters, and help them pursue their rights to obtain satisfactory results. Above all, we are resourceful and persistent.

Get extensive support

Outstanding accounts receivables can put a serious strain on your resources. We can help streamline outstanding payments, improve cashflow, and strengthen your financial position. We also offer support in managing accounts receivables more effectively, whatever the nature of your business.

Expect personalised service

Our lawyers and case handlers have a wealth of experience in accounts receivables. They can advise the best way to approach the situation whether it is an unpaid debt, the recovery of sums following a party’s failure to honour a contract, or other complex situations where previous attempts to find a solution have failed.

Not all claims are settled immediately, and should arbitration or litigation proceedings be necessary, our teams will also advise on laws, jurisdiction and possible outcomes.

Choose the right option

We can deploy one or more options from a portfolio of legal solutions that are designed for the settlement of claims from debtors.

Maintain balance

We believe in maintaining balance between the prompt recovery of sums owed to you, and continuing to uphold commercial or business relationships with your debtor.

We provide prompt, concise, and simple legal advice that recognises local commercial realities, with a view to achieving quick recoveries. As a result, many claims are settled promptly and in full, with minimal investment of your time and cost.

Benefit from early intervention

If direct negotiations with the debtor are unsuccessful, it is worth outsourcing the recovery of your accounts receivables at the very earliest. This will free up your own time, and allow you to focus on the running of your business. More importantly, the highest and fastest levels of debt recovery are associated with debts that are less than 6 (six) months old. Certain types of claims are also subject to relatively short limitation periods in the UAE.

Engaging with us at an early stage also allows us to be familiar with all the facts and legal merits of the case, in the event it is not settled promptly. We will be a in better position to plan and take further steps against the debtor.

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