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The UAE’s real estate sector is dynamic, constantly evolving, and an undisputed engine for the country’s growth. During the course of the last 10 years, the local property market has grown to accommodate a multitude of segments and sectors, drawing attention from a variety of international and resident investors. It has also learnt greatly from early shortcomings to become more robust and resilient.

As a result, the market is not only more mature but it is also reassuringly regulated. Several real estate laws now cover registration, mortgages, escrow accounts, rental agreements, homeowners’ associations, and other related areas, upholding the obligations of developers and banks, and protecting the rights of investors, tenants, and home owners.

As is natural, the market sees a variety of property disputes and disagreements that range from simple contracts to more complicated cases of __________,

We regularly represent stakeholders across the entire spectrum – from individual and group investors to tenants, landlords and developers. We also work closely with regulators, banks and financial institutions and government authorities to resolve issues.

A conference room can be more effective and less expensive than a court room
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As part of our corporate principles and policies, we recommend the use of a conference room instead of a court room.

Government services and support

The Dubai Government has established several channels for amicable resolution of property disputes

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) will prepare detailed reports about unfinished, cancelled or liquidated real estate projects in Dubai and provide recommendations to The Tribunal to assist it in settling disputes. In turn, the Tribunal will review and settle all disputes, grievances and complaints arising from such projects, including disputes that remain unresolved by the former Committee.

The Tribunal will also form subcommittees, appoint auditors or issue orders to the trustees of a project’s escrow accounts in all matters related to such projects in Dubai and determine the rights and obligations of both, investors and purchasers.

Prudence, prevention and preparedness can help avoid litigation
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Legal help at your fingertips

Our team of experienced property lawyers offer legal assistance with all aspects of commercial and residential real estate, with the belief that prudence and prevention are better than litigation.

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