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Criminal law in the UAE is considered complex because it includes rules and regulations drawn from Sharia law that sit alongside international criminal laws. It is also comprehensive in nature, covering a wide assortment of crimes from petty theft to cyber theft, and from insulting another person to causing their demise, either incidentally or intentionally.

The UAE Penal Code broadly categorises crimes into misdemeanours, violations (or contraventions) and felonies, with respective examples including traffic offences, assault, and homicide. Similarly, punishments are wide-ranging in nature, from fines and penalties to confinement and compensation to heirs of victims, and from immediate deportation to life imprisonment.

Have you been accused, attacked, or abused?

We provide sound advice, a diversity of services, and legal representation to individuals and organisations who are either considering actions to pursue a perpetrator, or are under criminal investigation themselves.

In other words, legal services are available to parties on either side of a criminal case. If you or a family member is suspected or accused of a crime, you will need to engage a team of criminal lawyers in the UAE to establish your rights, or defend you in a court of law as justice takes its course. Sometimes, crimes are registered as a result of simple oversight or honest mistake, and proper legal processes can clear your name of any wrong doing.

On the other hand, you may wish to report someone who has committed a crime against you, against someone you know, or against society, tasks which will be made easier by engaging a professional law firm.

When do you need a criminal lawyer?

If you are an accused party, you will be asked to attend investigations or interrogations at a police station, or charged with a felony or criminal offence.

Legal assistance begins with advisory services and assessment, strategic direction for handling the case, coordination with any other lawyers, and legal representation from arraignment to trial.

Criminal lawyers in the UAE represent their clients at police stations, the offices of the Public Prosecution, the Courts of First Instance, Cassation and Appeals, and the UAE Federal Supreme Court.

What acts are considered crimes?

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