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Drafting of Agreements

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Contracts, agreements and transaction documents are a necessary and important part of doing business – for all kinds of business. These legal papers are formal, often complex, and must include necessary provisions to withstand lawsuits.

Although verbal contracts  can be legally enforceable, their terms may be difficult to prove, and it is a universal recommendation to have written contracts with customers, suppliers, partners, principal employees, third-party providers, and government bodies.

A law firm can assist you with all aspects of contracting.

Elements of commercial contracts

In the UAE, commercial contracting is governed by the Civil Transactions Law, Federal Law No. 5 of 1985, (the Civil Code), which is based on Sharia principles. The element of good faith, which is codified in the Civil Code and forms an essential component of all commercial contracts, stipulates that all parties to a contract must act honestly and fairly.

Under the Civil Code, a commercial contract must have the following essential elements:

When the courts have to decide on whether or not the contract is legal, they will also examine the following factors:

Corporate and commercial contracting

Our in-depth understanding and knowledge of the UAE’s legal and regulatory environment enables us to provide the most effective and cost-effective advice, while ensuring that all your legal objectives and obligations are met.

Our lawyers and case handles offer a variety of services related to commercial contracts, with personalised consultation:

We have strong working relationships with various regulatory authorities which keeps us abreast of new developments in key practice areas. This means our advice is clear, current, practical, and pragmatic.

Legislation of commercial agencies

We advise on a wide range of commercial arrangements required by businesses in their day-to-day operations in the UAE, taking into consideration the nature of the business, and various commercial and legal risks. We also provide advice on all types of commercial agencies, and issues concerning the legislation of commercial agencies.

As experienced lawyers practicing in the UAE, we work to ensure that your interests are fully protected in a wide variety of commercial contracts:

Government contracts

The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department often reviews contracts and agreements to which Dubai government entities are a party, both to safeguard their interests and to ensure compliance with legislations in force.

Similarly, in other emirates, authorities often review legal papers in which their respective government authorities are a party. It is vital to ensure that such contracts are drafted properly and reviewed thoroughly before submission.

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