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The UAE has long had regulations in place for conducting fair, safe, smooth and seamless business. Recent years have seen several amendments to existing laws or new regulations pertaining to economy, trade, and investment. Authorities are also working on upgrading major legislations, particularly those related to infrastructure and investments in the country.

In turn, entrepreneurs, and the owners and managers of businesses in the UAE are obliged to comply with these regulations that:

This effective and supportive legal framework for business in the UAE is on par with international standards, and remains essential for the growth of a competitive and prosperous economy.

Good governance

Businesses in the UAE and the commercial activities undertaken by them are governed by different laws in terms of formation, practice and application, broadly grouped under:

Commercial law

Commercial law, also known as corporate law and business law, is the body of law which governs all commercial transactions in the UAE, especially the interaction of people and the exchange of assets between them.As a major center for enterprise, Dubai and other areas attract much foreign investment. We provide international customers with experienced first-hand knowledge of the UAE legal system.

As a broad area of legal practice, it covers all aspects of finance, trade, sales, and contracting, and also includes company formation, organisational structuring and restructuring, acquisitions and joint ventures. More importantly, it covers the laws of the UAE, and all regulations, decrees and orders issued by authorities in the country that pertain to business.

As commercial lawyers based in Dubai, we advise clients on various corporate and commercial transactions, and ensuring compliance with the UAE’s laws and regulations. We also assist with the presentation of contentious disputes, legal matters and litigation before various courts, authorities and arbitral tribunals in the country.

Legal support

We take keen interest in all aspects of commercial law, as we build our capacities and continue to enhance our practice. Besides addressing everyday issues related to business, we offer specialised services in cross-border jurisdictions, company mergers and acquisitions.

Some of our most frequently requested legal services include:

Everyday business
New business
Property and projects
Estate planning
Flexible options

We have in-depth knowledge of legislative promulgations and a regulatory approach towards legal matters. This enable our team of commercial lawyers in Dubai to provide expert opinions on most commercial cases.

Whether your transaction is simple or complex, we will be meticulous in ensuring your matter is settled – quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

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