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Civil Cases

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Civil law is the legal system that pertains to persons, things and belongings, and relations between members of society. As a comprehensive and well-organised system of rules, it also provides a clear explanation of everyone’s rights and duties.

In summation, civil law controls the everyday life of people and organisations.

UAE civil law in effect

Blessed with geographical advantages and spurred by government incentives and directives, the UAE is increasingly popular as a global business destination. As foreign investments continue to grow, and the number of international residents increase, the government also strives to uphold the highest levels of civil welfare. Every effort is being made to ensure the smooth and systematic functioning of everyone’s lives and actions, through rules and regulations.

The UAE civil legal system spans the gamut of civil rights and legal dealings between private individuals, and dealings and disputes between private individuals and organisations. Although its core principles are based on Shariah law, some others are inspired by the French and Roman legal systems.

The UAE Civil Code covers all persons residing in the country, either permanently or temporarily, irrespective of whether they are Emiratis or expatriates.

Scope and scale of civil law

As a team of well-established lawyers, we handle a broad area of civil cases in the UAE that deal with different aspects of everyday life, including but not limited to:

Some of the most common personal civil cases in the UAE are between landlords and tenants, and those that deal with contracts, debt collection, and organisational negligence. Commercial cases typically pertain to breach of contract.

Civil and commercial courts

Courts handle cases related to the financial rights of individuals, and institutional entities such as businesses and government departments. These cases can be related to disputes about validity, implementation, cancellation or termination of contracts, intellectual properties, real estate, and mortgages.

At the Court of First Instance, the Major Circuit is responsible for hearing cases with a claimed value of more than AED 100,000, while cases below this value are heard before the Minor Circuit.

Commercial Courts handle commercial contracts and commitments, banking processes, commercial papers, bankruptcy and its reconciliation.

Key points of civil cases

In the UAE, civil law is enacted at the federal level. However, laws vary between each of the seven emirates. Considerations for filing a civil case include aspects of documentation, translation and jurisdiction, among them:

Legal measures for civil cases

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