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Industrial Trade License

Industrial trade license in Dubai with A & A associates

UAE is growing with plenty of business opportunities; entrepreneurs have a bright future in terms of trade, commerce, and finance due to the liberal policies on investment by foreign investors.

While starting a business in the UAE, the emirates provide a license to start with your particular industry. Industrial trade license UAE allows business sectors like import and export, manufacturing, freelancing, housemaid, etc. Trade license is issued for those entrepreneurs who transform natural material or resource into final products. The activities under industrial trade license include segregation, accumulation, packaging, and a lot more. Industrial trade license Dubai is issued by the Department of Economic Development or DED.

What is an industrial license in Dubai?

Industrial license authorizes whether a company is registered in Dubai or UAE to perform their industrial activities. As per the UAE economic industries act 1951, it’s mandatory to acquire an industrial trade license before starting your business operations. The business ecosystem in the UAE is regulated by government authorities and streamlines the business process by monitoring the violations and promoting business activities.

According to the UAE laws, company or individual planning to start their industrial operations in the UAE should acquire any of the following licenses,

  • Industrial license
  • Trade license
  • Commercial license
  • Professional license

Why you need Industrial trade license?

Industrial license is essential to setup any sort of manufacturing, molding, assembly, processing activities or any raw materials to semi-finished goods and supplies. The organizations planning to work on these operations must register themselves with an industrial license under DED and Chamber of commerce and industry.

What are the documents required for industrial trade license?

  • Detailed report on industry plans and other relevant information
  • Passport copy of non-citizens
  • If it’s a partnership firm, then submit the partnership contract 
  • Trade license copy
  • Balance sheet copy
  • Approval from ministry of health
  • Approval from environment and water authority
  • Approval from national media council
  • Feasibility study
  • Approval from ministry of interior

What is the procedure to apply for industrial trade license in UAE?

  • Initially, get approval from Dubai authorities before opening your industry.
  • After getting the approval, then apply for industrial license at the DED. The DED will consider the application and make decision within three months of receiving it. 
  • If the application is approved, then DED will notify within 15 days of approval. 
  • Apart from the above, get a consent from municipality to construct the industry
  • Get approval from concerned authorities and submit the above-mentioned documents. 
  • The final approval or disapproval regarding trade license is done within a week or two

What is the estimated cost for an industrial trade license?

The cost for applying industrial license will depend on the business location whether its a mainland or a free zone. While considering the cost of a trade license, take into account additional approvals, registrations, and cost of leasing premises. On the whole, the average cost for an industrial trade license is around AED 25,000.

Free zone business setup is a cost-effective approach and investors can find special packages that include on-site premises and cost of visa applications.

Industrial trade license in UAE with A & A associates

We simplify the process of industrial trade license with in-depth knowledge of UAE and its regulations.

A & A associates advise on the business setup in dubai process and seek out the most-suitable license type for your business based on the needs and budget. Our clients gain peace of mind in their license and visa applications making them free from errors and omissions.

While working with our company formation experts, we take up the basic information of the business and manage the license or visa applications, communicate with all the relevant departments and report back with all the documents ready to start trading.

Obtaining industrial trade license UAE is really that simple with A & A associates!