Free Zone in Dubai

Free Zone in Dubai

Free Zone is a dynamic business hub home to more than thousands of registered companies and professionals. A & A associate free zone services in Dubai has been intended to support business people providing a platform to push their idea ahead and kick-start a new business in UAE. 

Growing business opportunities and keen interest of foreign investors has motivated the Dubai government to introduce free zones.  Free zone is a special economic zone where business owners get exemplary benefits and enjoy tax exemptions. Free zone companies are registered with free zone authority or jurisdiction that governs a particular area within the UAE

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Why should business owners prefer free zone services in Dubai?

  • Free of Tax – While most of the countries are revamping their tax laws, Dubai provides a tax-exempted platform for entrepreneurs to invest more and reap maximum benefits. 
  • Complete business ownership – get 100% ownership on your business. Dubai free zone laws allow single individuals to set up their business. 
  • Lease options – Get 25 years of lease options having assembling, production, and warehouse facilities. 
  • Indulge in more business activity – Dubai free zone allows entrepreneurs to indulge in more than one business-related activity. 
  • Business confidentiality – Maintain privacy and keep up your business confidentiality at each level. 
  • Bank account – business owners can open a bank account in your name in Dubai. 

Licensing in Dubai free zones

  • License in the Free zone is 100% owned by the expat partner. You don’t need the support of a service agent or UAE national partner in the license.
  • Usually, a free zone license can be incorporated with or without a physical office. This allows new entrepreneurs to save on initial registrations. 
  • With the trading license, you can import or export any number of products within the country.
  • You can lease offices or warehouses for storing goods under a free zone license. 

What are the top features covered by free zones in the UAE?

Most of the free zones in UAE allows business enrollment, Visa and residency license, office set up, managing an account, and documents approval. Get comprehensive involvement in system counseling and learn to set up SMEs or bigger organizations in a straight forward and productive way. 


  • Dubai Visa Services
  • Staff Sponsorship
  • Family Sponsorship


  • Determining your business formation type
  • Legal consultation
  • Regulations compliance
  • Ultimately acquire the service or trade license


  • Offices
  • Industrial Units

What are the major free zones in Dubai?

  • DWC      

DWC or Dubai South free zone is a strategic display place for logistics, light industries, aviation as well as subsidiary service businesses. Company formation is 100% tax-free and also, allows 100% foreign ownership. 

  • DMCC    

DMCC or Dubai multi commodity centre is recognized as the global free zone with attractive features for new business entrants. Get connected with a flourishing marketplace and diverse businesses that include agro, energy, diamonds, gold, financial services, etc. 

  • JAFZA   

JAFZA or Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority is an integrated business hub with thousands of businesses enabling opportunities for growth. Based on the nature of business and number of shareholders, JAFZA offers three types of company formation and three types of licenses. 

  • DAFZA   

DAFZA or Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority is a unique free zone in Dubai with a prestigious business-focused community that offers 100% business ownership, range of world-class facilities, and full repatriation of earnings. 

  • DMC       

DMC or Dubai Media City Free Zone is the world’s leading media hub, with booming creativity and endless growth opportunities. Get effective co-working spaces, light industrial units, warehouses, sound stages, retail options, and a lot more to set up your business. 

  • DIC         

DIC or Dubai Internet City Free Zone is a flexible tech ecosystem for truly great business ideas. It has a mix of industries that include several wellness activities, retail choices, networking events, and much more. Visualize a range of commercial spaces with attractive facilities and other business services. 

  • DKP       

DKP or Dubai Knowledge Park Free Zone is completely dedicated to the Human resource management and learning excellence. DKP offers several unique office spaces, retails, and business centers that focus on HR management and allied areas. 


What are the benefits of setting up business in free zones?

Dubai Free zones are completely equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative world class amenities. Most of them offer the most fertile ground for setting up business with flexible government policies, and unmatched facilities. 

  • Avail 100% tax exemption on personal or corporate gains. 
  • Get 100% ownership regardless of your nationality and domicile. 
  • Get 100% repatriation of profits or capitals.
  • Get exemption from corporate tax for about 15 years and avail additional renewal option for 15 years. 
  • Free from import and export duties. 
  • Free from capital deposits

What are the few limitations of free zones in Dubai?

  • All the free zone companies are not allowed to trade with the UAE market. 
  • Free zone companies are limited to trade with the help of a local distributor.  
  • Employees with free zone visas are allowed to work within the company’s office. 
  • Unable to engage in business activities with clients in Dubai mainland. 

Free zones provide multiple investment opportunities to entrepreneurs and offer them great flexibility to select a business entity that fits their unique business needs and objectives. Enjoy the freedom of doing business with substantial tax savings, robust infrastructure, and lead investors! A & A associate free zone services in Dubai, has the expertise to realize your entrepreneurial dreams without worrying about the legal formalities. 

Are you energetic enough to start a new business in Dubai free zone? Then don’t hesitate to contact us, even if it’s just for a piece of friendly advice! We work as a team to satisfy your requirements and come up with exciting solutions! 

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