Why Your Business Should Be a Part of Expo 2020

Why Your Business Should Be a Part of Expo 2020

Why Your Business Should Be a Part of Expo 2020
The Expo 2020, scheduled to be held from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022, is simply the biggest trade event in the world of business. Dubai has secured the rights to host the Expo 2020, and it promises to be on held a scale like no other.
Participants from 192 countries around the globe, encompassing every area of trade and industry you can think of, will be present at the Expo 2020. Dubai has started work on the venue, which spans a massive 1080 acres, and also announced a slew of projects which will be ready in time for the Expo 2020. The Dubai Happiness Agenda, for instance, has 82 projects under the initiative, and has been introduced with the aim of making Dubai the happiest city in the world.
There are three themes for the Expo 2020 – Opportunity, Sustainability, and Mobility. The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai is all set to become the world’s largest solar power source with the commissioning of Phase 5, which will coincide with the Expo 2020 and lend a fillip to the Sustainability theme. Several countries like Germany, Brazil, and Canada have chosen to be part of the Sustainability theme; while the United Arab Emirates itself has decided to position itself under Opportunity. Countries like France, the United States of America, and Finland have decided to go with the theme of Mobility.
If you or your business can identify with any of these themes, there is no reason why your company shouldn’t be a part of Expo 2020. The last time a World Expo was held was in 2015 at Milan, and the next one will be at Osaka in 2025.
You could meet participants from all over the world and forge fruitful partnerships, including ones that prove to be commercially beneficial to you. Or it could be a chance for visitors / other participants to meet you, know more about you and your company, and offer you lucrative business deals. Dubai is a city where international conferences and trade expositions already happen on a major scale, and Dubai has already made a name for itself in this field. Millions of dollars worth of business deals are struck at these trade events, and the Expo only does that on a much larger scale. The International Monetary Fund expects Dubai’s GDP to rise with Expo 2020.
What You Need to Do
When it comes to international trade and business, most businesspeople have only one question in mind – Can the other party be expected to hold his/her end of the deal? As such, the location of your company matters. If your business has an address in a country where the laws are strictly enforced, those entering into business will have more confidence in you. You are likely to secure more business deals as a result.
This is why you should think of opening a company in the United Arab Emirates. The World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index ranks the United Arab Emirates first in the Middle East region and fifth worldwide when it comes to law enforcement. The United Arab Emirates is a country where those entering into a business contract can be expected to adhere to the terms and conditions of the agreement. The judicial system is exceptionally strong in the United Arab Emirates, and having an UAE address exudes an added sense of security.
If you incorporate your company in the United Arab Emirates, the Expo 2020 can be a place where you can potentially acquire a lot of business for your company. Even if you already have a company in another country, you could think of opening a Branch Office or a Representative Office in the United Arab Emirates to take advantage of Expo 2020.

If you would like to be a part of Expo 2020 and are interested in establishing a company in Dubai or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates, please give us all at +971 56 408 6728 to know how A&A Associate LLC can be of assistance. We can help you with company registration and securing a business license to operate in the UAE . Contact us now.

Please visit https://www.expo2020dubai.com/ for more information about Expo 2020.

The world will be present at Expo 2020. Where will you be?

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