Latest E-Commerce Market Trends in Dubai 2022

Latest E-Commerce Market Trends in Dubai 2022

Latest E-Commerce Market Trends in Dubai 2022

E-commerce in the United Arab Emirates is a major contributor to the economy. But how big is it really?

The United Arab Emirates has a workforce of 7.38 million, out of which 7.21 million are employed. According to the latest figures published by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, about 164,655 are unemployed. This clearly presents an opportunity for those seeking to bridge the gap between employers and the unemployed. So you can see why recruitment agency business setup in Dubai makes a lot of sense. What better place than Dubai, one of the leading commercial hubs of the world?

Trends Driving the E-Commerce Sector Forward in 2022

It is estimated that by 2022, voice searches will play in increased role in e-commerce sales.

It is interesting to note that 66% of customers in the Middle East-North Africa region purchase from online businesses that are not located in their country. This holds a lot of potential for an e-commerce company operating in Dubai – you could sell to the Middle East-North Africa region and an excellent logistics network in the region can mean happy smiles all around. Getting an e-commerce license in UAE is a greatly simplified affair for those looking to set up base in the United Arab Emirates.

E-commerce sales for the MENA region were estimated to be a massive $55.4 billion in 2020. Given that it was only $22.2 billion five years ago, this points to an increased adoption of e-commerce platforms across the region.

In fact, the average consumer in the Middle East spent $817.11 on online purchases in 2020. For the United Arab Emirates, this was higher at $3,104 for the same year. Qatar had an average annual spend of $1,488 on online purchases, while the corresponding amount was $1,181 for Israel.

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