Can Anyone Set up a Technical Service Business in Mainland Dubai?

Can Anyone Set up a Technical Service Business in Mainland Dubai?

Technical Service (Mainland Business Setup)

Dubai has earned the ‘crowning glory’ of becoming a renowned business hub for investors and entrepreneurs all over the globe. Technical services are nonetheless in demand and are looked up as a good source of returns for investors and people in business. Now, the question arises as to how to get a technical services license in the mainland, Dubai?

Let us Guide you Through

To procure a technical service license in Dubai one has first to select the location. There are three zones out of which two are prominently known for technical services business set up – the free zone and the mainland. However, the Dubai mainland is the most popular choice.


Location plays a pivotal role when thinking of starting a technical business setup in Dubai. The nature of a business is one of the key factors in selecting the location.

Company Name is Compulsory

A company name has to be different if not unique. While selecting the name, you have to abide by the rules and regulations of the government of the UAE. The name has to be free of religious or political influence. It should not be a copy of some prevalent company name. Abbreviations of self-name are restricted.

Check the Activities Permitted

We have listed here a few activities that are permitted under the technical services business setup.

Have you Checked the Documents?

Initial Approval

Company setup is possible only if you have procured the Initial approval from DED.

Time to Begin

If all the documents are completed and initial approval has been obtained then you can go ahead with the technical services business setup. Collect the receipt before you start operating.

Do You Know the Benefits?

There is no need to have a local sponsor in Dubai for starting a company with effect from 01 December 2020.  You are liable to 100% ownership of the company.

This blog aims to educate you about the process and scope of setting up a technical services business in Dubai. You are free to use your wisdom and seek advice from professionals. We are a reputed firm impaneled with experts who can guide you through and smoothen your path to success. Drop a mail or call us. You can also get your queries answered by chat service.

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